Teaching should always be fun! If your child isn’t enjoying themselves, what’s making them want to carry on? My methods include singing, dancing, art, design and technology, sewing, cooking, computing and, above all else, imagination. I believe in finding that one thing a child is passionate about - be that Star Wars, princesses, singing, acting, Minecraft or Pokémon - and using this as a way to connect their interests with real-life learning.
Miss Poole's philosophy of teaching
- Private tuition for the English National Curriculum for ages 3 - 12
- Support for English children in Spanish schools
- English-language tuition for Spanish children
- Homework help
Whilst learning from textbooks and sitting at the same desk for hours may work for some children, for others it presents a huge barrier to success. Sometimes children are completing their work to an ‘acceptable’ standard and their behaviour is ‘fine’ - but not ‘outstanding’ or ‘exceptional’ because the content of their school work is dull and they do not feel engaged.

Whether your child is struggling to achieve, is coasting along with indifference or is bored because school doesn’t challenge them, Miss Poole’s Cool School is there to provide imaginative and fun learning at their level and in the way they learn best.

Whatever your child needs to learn, Miss Poole’s Cool School is there to make it relatable, interactive and enjoyable so they’ll always be eager for more.

Some Examples:

Love cooking, but need some help with Maths? Let’s measure ingredients, convert temperatures and make a pizza we can top with your favourite healthy ingredients, divide into fractions, and EAT!

Hate reading, or don’t like speaking aloud in class? Let’s become your favourite characters, practice our silly voices and improve our confidence in private.

Love Minecraft, but reluctant to do any writing? Let’s create an imaginary world together and then turn it into an inspired piece of creative writing.

Love watching YouTube, but struggling to adapt to a new Spanish school when you don’t know the language? Let’s create our own channel to teach other children Spanish!

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For each hour of tuition you book, Miss Poole will provide a lesson plan in advance, if desired, and a learning summary afterwards outlining what has been achieved and next steps to take. Parents can use this to better understand exactly what their child is learning and any strengths or weaknesses that might require action. It’s also a good idea to share the learning summary with your child’s teacher to help them to better personalise your child’s lessons in school.

Miss Poole is also happy to communicate with your child’s teacher, school, babysitter, family member or any other person with which you wish information to be shared. If your child should move schools, Miss Poole will provide a report for the new school detailing your child’s progress and suggested next steps. All of this is free of charge.

One-on-one tuition (any age)
€30 for 1 hour
€270 for a 10-hour block booking

Two children sharing a lesson
€45 an hour (€22.50 each child per hour)
€405 for a 10-hour block booking

Homework help
€20 for 1 hour

Transport costs may apply outside Jávea
Miss Poole’s Cool School will always endeavour to fit within any budget so please do contact to see what we can do for you.

For small groups or after-school clubs, please
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For long-term bookings, discounts are available, please
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