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Hi! I'm Miss Poole

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I am a qualified primary school teacher from Manchester, England and I also have a degree in Spanish and experience of teaching children from 0-18 in the UK, Chile and Spain. I’m also a professional teaching resource designer (i.e. I get paid to design lessons, activities and worksheets for other teachers and parents to use), an artist and a HUGE technophile - you name the gadget, I own it / use it / am begging Santa for it.

My Philosophy

Education should always be fun - and fun should always be educational! Miss Poole’s Cool School brings both of these aspects together in a range of different settings. Why not book a circus skills party package for your child’s next birthday and relax in the knowledge that your child is not only exercising their body, but their brain too? Or a weekly private class to help your child finally grasp those tricky times tables? Stretch your high-achieving child with personal computer science classes to build their own website! Don’t hesitate - get in touch today to see what Miss Poole’s Cool School can do for you.
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In 1989 Circus Sensible was founded in Manchester, England by Clive Poole, when Miss Poole was but two years old. Growing up, Miss Poole used to go with her dad travelling all round the UK to perform circus shows and teach workshops in the summer. When she turned 16, Miss Poole officially began working in the circus, practising all the necessary skills and learning how to teach them to others. As Circus Sensible grew, Miss Poole took on more and more work, doing henna tattoos, caricatures, balloon modelling and face painting in addition to circus skills. Even once Miss Poole had moved away to go to university, she still always returned every summer to work in the circus.

Once Miss Poole had trained to become a primary school teacher she began finding ways to bring the circus into school, often doing circus skills in P.E. or as an after-school club, and began seeing all the benefits that this brought to the class.
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